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  • Matthew D. Ferrante

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO) | Chief Digital Officer (CDO) | Artificial Intelligence | Cybersecurity by Design (USA)
    An award-winning and certified Chief Technology Officer, Chief Digital Officer, and Chief Information Security Executive with over two decades of leadership in technology innovation. This executive has driven significant revenue growth and efficiency improvements, with expertise in DevOps, DataOps, cybersecurity, and developing patented technologies. Matthew’s strategic leadership in business technologies and digital transformation includes operating in over 71+ countries and over 21 sectors, advancements in AI, blockchain, and cybersecurity, aligning tech strategies with business objectives. Recognized by top educational institutions, such as Harvard and MIT, and industry awards, Matthew have a proven track record in leading projects from SMEs to global financial institutions, as well as high-profile security projects, and contributing to major media outlets.
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  • Diana Quintero

    Chief Growth Officer (CGO) | Strategic Board Advisor (USA)
    As Chief Growth Officer at Citanex, Inc., Diana Quintero harnesses her Wall Street expertise and deep tech acumen to catalyze growth, seamlessly integrating marketing, sales, and technology to drive innovation and operational excellence. Her visionary strategy propels Citanex toward industry leadership by transforming businesses into data-centric entities, leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, AI, multi-sided platforms, and security by design. Diana’s portfolio of accomplishments includes multiple business and digital transformations, restructuring of companies, securing investment, ROI, ROM, mergers and acquisitions, etc.
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  • Jeff Balancio

    Chief Information Officer (CIO) | Strategic Board Advisor (USA)
    Jeff, serving as the CIO of Citanex, Inc., has a rich 20+ year history across diverse sectors like AI, media, and financial services. At LivePerson, he led a significant shift towards AI-driven, cloud-based operations, excelling in M&A integrations. His tenure at Craft Worldwide saw the creation of a unified tech platform across international studios, enhancing business processes. Jeff’s strategic IT vision, combined with his operational expertise, has driven substantial efficiency improvements and cost savings, underpinned by his MBA from Duke University and a strong technical foundation from the University at Albany.
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  • Tamer Hedayet

    Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Digital Transformation Strategist | Strategic Board Advisor (USA)
    Tamer is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Digital Transformation Strategist at Citanex, Inc., celebrated for over two decades of exemplary leadership in technology and strategy. A distinguished Information Technology executive, he is known for his adeptness in facilitating digital transformations and embracing emerging technologies. Tamer’s career is highlighted by his roles on the Technical Advisory Boards for VMware and Cisco, where he has been instrumental in shaping future technology landscapes. Before joining Citanex, he served as the SVP, Senior Technology Executive at Wells Fargo, overseeing global network & data center engineering and service delivery. His expertise is further solidified by his education, having completed the Blended Chief Technology & Digital Officer Program from MIT and courses at Harvard Business School. Tamer’s strategic vision, combined with his ability to foster critical relationships and drive large-scale transformation programs, positions him as a key driver of innovation and growth within the tech industry.
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  • Hance Onesmo M.

    Emerging Markets | Technology Integrations | Strategic Board Advisor (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)
    Hance Onesmo M., an esteemed strategic advisory board member for emerging markets & technology integration at Citanex, is renowned for his extensive expertise in financial systems and technology. With a career spanning over a decade, Hance has led significant digital transformations and managed complex technology projects with budgets exceeding $10 million. His leadership involves management of a vast banking infrastructure, and it has been instrumental in optimizing payment systems and digital channels across several African banking sector. Hance holds a Professional Certificate as a Chief Digital Officer from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and is a fervent advocate for adopting emerging technologies to drive operational efficiency and reduce costs. His role at Citanex focuses on steering the company’s strategies in African markets, payment systems and technology integration to maintain its competitive edge.
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  • Maria Hermida-Manrique

    Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) | Strategic Board Advisor (Santiago, Chile)
    “Sustainability fuels innovation and growth, with 66% of consumers ready to invest more in eco-friendly products and services. This trend isn’t just a number—it’s a mandate for businesses to adopt sustainable practices, not just for the planet’s well-being but to meet evolving consumer demands. At Citanex, we’re leveraging this insight, aligning our efforts with consumer values to forge a future where economic and environmental success are inseparable.” – Maria Hermida Manrique, Chief Sustainability Officer for Citanex
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  • Khalid Muhsen Al Mutairi

    Middle Eastern Technology Integrations | Strategic Board Advisor (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
    Khalid Al Mutairi, currently a pivotal Middle Eastern Technology Integrations and Advisory Board Member at Citanex, Inc., brings a wealth of expertise and leadership from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to the global technology scene. His role at Citanex, Inc., underscores his commitment to bridging technology and business strategies across borders. With an illustrious career that includes serving as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at MA’ADEN, a key state-owned entity in the mining sector with a significant net worth, and honing his technical skills as a Developer at Saudi Aramco, the world’s most valuable oil company, Khalid is a cornerstone in the realm of technological innovation. He is adorned with prestigious certifications, including a Chief Digital Officer’s Certification from MIT, CISSP, PMP, among others, highlighting his role as a driving force in the integration of cutting-edge technology solutions in the Middle East and beyond.
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  • Paul Kenealy

    Global Cybersecurity Innovator | Strategic Board Advisor (London, United Kingdom)
    Paul Kenealy stands as a pivotal figure at Citanex, serving as an cybersecurity innovator and strategic board advisor with a specialized focus on cybersecurity and digital transformation. With an illustrious career that began in 2003, Paul has established himself as a distinguished cybersecurity leader, known for his innovative strategies and ability to foster global and diverse teams. His expertise in navigating complex cybersecurity challenges and his entrepreneurial mindset have been instrumental in advancing Citanex’s mission towards pioneering secure and sustainable technology solutions. Paul’s role at Citanex underscores his commitment to leveraging his comprehensive background to guide the company through the evolving digital landscape, ensuring resilience and growth in an era of unprecedented cyber threats.
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Our commitment to excellence, collaboration, and continuous learning drives us to build lasting partnerships with our stakeholders and create a more secure and connected future for all.

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